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Gorsad Kyiv was included in PhotoVogue’s list of The 100 Next Great Fashion Image Makers

The 100 Next Great Fashion Image Makers list was presented by PhotoVogue. Ukrainian art group Gorsad Kyiv was included in the list

PhotoVogue launched an open-call for creators of photo and video content in April of this year. All artists over the age of 18 were eligible to apply.

The platform team received works from 3,000 photographers from 121 countries. Condé Nast publishers and visual content experts selected the top 100 works out of 30,000 images, including a photo by Viktor Vasyliev from Gorsad Kyiv.

In the future, all the photos from the list of The 100 Next Great Fashion Image Makers will be assembled into a single video installation. It will be presented at PhotoVogue festival, which will be held in Milan from November 17 to 20.

PhotoVogue explained that the goal of their project is to represent artists from around the world and thereby create a more «inclusive, moral and equitable environment».

You can view other selected works on the website.

In June Gorsad Kyiv and skateboarding team WERUSH presented a common batch of 50 skateboards with pictures by the art group on them. We told you more about the collaboration in our article.

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