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On the coldest days: Listen to the Ukrainian duo Acid Mamba’s debut single

Ukrainian duo Acid Mamba, whose members are Anastasiia Shvydenko and Oleksandr Frolenko, presented their first single «V naiholodnishi dni» («On the coldest days»). In a commentary to DTF Magazine Acid Mamba told that while working on the track they were inspired, first of all, by life and its events

«The process of making music is when you just start doing something, and then your thoughts get quieter and you can contemplate how the dynamics of action dictate the decision, step by step, creating a translation of state and mood. It’s kind of like a musical mirror», Oleksandr, who was responsible for the musical part of the single, explained.

According to Anastasiia, the lyrics to the song were «born in a flow».

«Mostly the songs, the vocal or musical part, are born suddenly, based on my mood, state or experience. The full-scale war affected me a lot. The first months were particularly emotionally painful. And unfortunately or fortunately, we get used to pain. So all these experiences, all the information consumed and the emotions experienced prompted me to write these words».

She added: «The song is dedicated to all Ukrainians. To all of us who are fighting, to all of us who are defending. To all of us who lost the most precious things because of the war. To all who once despaired and almost gave up. But was saved in time by the support of like-minded people».

The music video for the song was directed by Ukrainian choreographer, founder of the Apache Crew and author of the film-ballet «Vodurudu» Anatolii Sachivko.

Explaining the musical direction of the band, Anastasiia and Oleksandr said that they have been writing music together for a long time because they are members of the Kyiv rock band Esquizet. However, they have always «had an internal request to write multi-genre compositions».

«So far the musical style of Acid Mamba is not something sustainable. It’s a process of getting rid of beliefs about what a song should be, how it should sound, — Oleksandr explained. — The music library of logical and traditional solutions is very full. So there is a desire to provide something to expand the Ukrainian musical space, at least by duplicating and hopefully not complicating it». 

On February 24, 2023, Ukrainian producer Vera Logdanidi presented the multidisciplinary project Voices. It is a compilation of eight tracks that consists of real voice messages that the producer recorded or received during the first days of the full-scale war.

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