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Ruslan Baginskiy released the first collection of jewelry

Ukrainian brand Ruslan Baginskiy presented a new drop ‘Treasures’, consisting of eight handmade beaded jewelry pieces. To create jewelry ‘in a naïve style’, the brand used beading technique traditional for Ukrainian culture — it takes up to 22 hours to create one item

The collection consists of earrings in six different combinations, two pairs of pendants: in the form of sunflower or tagetes, connected with the RB monogram, as well as a massive multicolored necklace. In addition to beads, they used silver for the clasps.

‘The first jewelry drop is about the memories we collect through memorable objects, our personal treasures, — the press release reads. — Sea-polished stones brought from a walk on the beach during the last day of a trip, or flowers dried in a book we read long ago, bought by chance somewhere in souvenir stores’.

For Ruslan Baginskiy, this collection is ‘about the feeling of summer, which is always with you’. In addition, according to him, ‘the jewelry line is a clear and logical step in the development of the brand’, and this drop ‘will become part of a bigger story’.

The jewelry is based on beadwork, which is traditional for Ukrainian decorative art. With the help of couture techniques Ruslan Baginskiy ‘gives it a new value and a new meaning’.

‘In Ukrainian language, in Ukrainian literature, treasures were traditionally called jewelry, jewels, but at the same time it is any thing with which we have an emotional connection, everything that is of value to us’, the designer explains.

The collection can be purchased on the website. Prices for jewelry start at $240.

‘Treasures’ will also be presented in the brand’s showroom during Paris Fashion Week, which runs from September 25 to October 3.

Previously Ruslan Baginskiy has already created jewelry for individual collections of the brand.

In 2020, the TSVIT collection included a gold necklace and earrings inspired by Scythian gold. Jewelry accessories also formed the basis of two collections — The Hat 2021 and The Hat 2022: brooches, earrings and hairpins came complete with a hat.

In May 2023, designer Ruslan Baginskiy created a special brooch for Olena Zelenska’s visit to Buckingham Palace.

In June 2023 Ruslan Baginskiy became the winner of the French ANDAM Fashion Award 2023. The brand of Ukrainian designer Ruslan Baginskiy won in the Accessories Prize category.

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