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Second Horizon: Ukrainian Riot Division released a new collection

The brand introduced SECOND HORIZON. This is the new Fall/Winter 2022 collection. You can already buy the clothes on the website of Riot Division and in the store on Reitarska Street

The collection was inspired by the «symbiosis of space» and the work of the Hungarian theoretical artist Laszlo Moholy-Nagy, especially his series of graphic works called Composition.

The basis of SECOND HORIZON was a line of outerwear namely liner jackets, down jackets and parkas with patch pockets.

The collection was completed with oversized hoodies with themed prints on the back, Refraction pants, long sleeve shirts and leggings.

There are accessories like camera belt pouches, wallets and belts with carabiner.

«The curvatures of reality and time are created by the ball representing the Earth and the lines crossing it. The twin silhouette is created by all the unchanging objects of reality and the curve where the past and the future exist at the same time. This is the point where time reaches stasis», the team describes the concept of the Riot Division collection.

In April Riot Division released the FRACTALIZATION collection, which consists of more technological materials. We told you more about the clothes in our article.

The history of the Riot Division brand began when its founder Oleg Moroz decided to create a hoodie with a mask in 2010.

«Riot Division’s original goals were quite prosaic. One of them was to make a hoodie with a mask that would be handy for fighting while attending football games. We achieved them pretty quickly and then gained experience in production, design, looking for ourselves and our own style», the Riot Division team told DTF Magazine in an interview.

Now the brand produces collections, including sports shoes, and also expands the range of accessories. One of the main features of the brand is functional clothes-transformers.

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