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The documentary ‘Rule of Two Walls’ about Ukrainian artists took the special prize of the Tribeca Film Festival

On June 8, the Tribeca Film Festival hosted the world premiere of ‘Rule of Two Walls’, a documentary about Ukrainian artists at war. On June 16 the jury awarded the film a special prize

The film received an award for work in human rights and artistic expression.

‘We wanted to acknowledge the film because it connected us to a group of artists who refused to be deprived of their heritage and cultural expression’, the Tribeca Festival jury explained the choice.


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‘Rule of Two Walls’ tells the story of events in Ukraine through the prism of artists who live and create in the midst of war.

The film stars Stepan Burban (Palindrom), Lyana Mytsko (founder of the Lviv Municipal Art Center, concert organizer), Bohdana Davydiuk (artist and illustrator), Serhii Petrov (aka artist Bob Basset), Kinder Album (artist from Lviv), and Diana Berg (author of the ‘Shelter’ project).

The project was directed by David Gutnik, an American of Ukrainian descent, who began work on the film in Poland: ‘In April 2022 I boarded a plane to Warsaw with a one-way ticket and intended to get to Ukraine by bus. My sister, parents, and grandparents belonged to the previous generation of Ukrainian refugees. In Warsaw, I interviewed Ukrainian immigrants, thinking that I would make a documentary about Ukrainians who, like my family, left because of the war. But when I crossed the border into Ukraine, it became clear that I was going to make a film about the remaining Ukrainians’.

Executive producers of ‘Rule of Two Walls’ were Liev Schreiber (actor in ‘Ray Donovan’ and ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’), Olha Beskhmelnytsina and Natalia Libet (‘Parthenon’, ‘Stop-Zemlia’) and others. It is not yet known when the film will premiere in Ukraine.

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