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The Strichka festival will take place for the first time in two years. There are more than 40 artists in the lineup

The Closer team has announced the lineup for the ninth Strichka electronic music festival. The daytime event will take place on the territory of ribbon-weaving factory on Nyzhnoiurkivska Street, 31, on May 20-21

The organizers are preparing seven stages, for which almost all ribbon-weaving factory locations will be used. They plan to combine Metaculture, Mezzanine, Closer, Otel, «Lesnoy Prichal», Yard, and Closer Connection school «into one network of music and art venues», and the decor of the locations «will be based on traditional motifs».

There are 45 artists in the lineup. Among them are five foreign musicians: Afriqua (USA), Franck Vigroux & Antoine Schmitt (FR) with visual performance ATOTAL, Kind Des Geistes, ISH (DE), Sibil (FR) and John Dimas (DE), and 35 representatives of local scene: Alex Savage, Bambu, Bunht, Hidden Element, Igor Glushko, Neonknight, Ponura, Radiant Future, Sasha Zhylyayev, Seba Korecky and Symonenko.


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Full lineup:

Afriqua (USA)
Alex Savage
Alina Pash / live
Brooht / live
Brother G / live
Bunht / live
Emil Asadow / live
Franck Vigroux & Antoine Schmitt – A/V “ATOTAL”  (FR)
Hidden Element / live
Human Margareeta
Igor Glushko
Kind Des Geistes aka ISH (DE) – A/V live 
John Dimas (DE)
MachineRoom / live
Neonknight / live
Paul Thompson 
Potreba Group / live
Radiant Future / live
Ready in LED / live
Roman K
Sasha Zhylyayev
Seba Korecky
Ship Her Son / live
Sibil (FR)
Splinter UA & Louwave / live
Symonenko / live
The Against / live

«It’s a daytime but full-fledged Strichka — a celebration of being and a cross-section of contemporary electronic dance music in the context of Ukrainian realities, peculiarities of the local scene and factory architecture. Now the realities have changed, so we feel an even greater need for this event, because in addition to the obvious cultural value it says: dance is life», the festival team comments on the announcement.

It is scheduled to begin on May 20 at 11:00 a.m.. A detailed schedule, stories about the artists and venues of the festival will be published closer to the event.

You can buy tickets for Strichka-2023 by following this link.

Strichka is one of the biggest electronic music festivals in Ukraine and one of the four festivals made by the Closer team. In 2019, for the second time in a row, Strichka was included in the top ten May world festivals according to Resident Advisor.

The last Strichka took place in September 2021. More than 45 foreign and local artists performed there, including the German Objekt, the British Idjut Boys, and the Italians Boston 168.

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