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The Ukrainian company Reface urgently develops an algorithm for recognizing enemy troops

Reface is a company that works in the field of artificial intelligence and is now developing an algorithm that will be able to use satellite data to identify the location of enemy troops in real time. The company will use satellite imagery and is appealing for help from Ukrainians

Reface is asked to send them the following information:

— satellite or drone imagery, namely historical (a week old) and up-to-date battlefield imagery.

— contacts of people and companies that take satellite pictures and have access to this data.


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Публикация от Refacians: People of Reface (@refacians)

«We are already preparing a solution, but using public data. All the images are of low quality, so the algorithm does not work reliably. We need better quality images and then our help will be of high quality. At least it should be images of 90 cm per pixel, and ideally it should be images of 15-30 cm. Right now our data is 5 meters per pixel», the company wrote in a statement.

The Reface team is also asking for help in disseminating information about the work on the algorithm to attract as many satellite photo companies as possible, including foreign ones. The foremost of these is the American satellite monitoring company Maxar Technologies.

Along with this, Reface launched a campaign for 200 million users and calls on Russians to go to rallies.

Ukraine’s Ministry of Digital Transformation writes that the company has begun sending out notices to Russian users urging them to rally and protect their people. Users see real footage of the Russian invasion of Ukraine when they click on the alert.

More than 9 million notifications worldwide and 2 million in Russia have already been received. Distribution continues.


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