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TSUM and Ivan Honchar Museum presented a joint charity collection

Kyiv TSUM released a limited-edition charity collection of clothing and accessories in collaboration with the Ivan Honchar Museum. All proceeds from the sale will be transferred for the preservation of the collection of the Ivan Honchar Museum and for the reconstruction of Ukraine through the state fundraising platform UNITED24

The collection consists of T-shirts, eco-shoppers and cups with prints of «Portrait of the girl in a circlet of flowers» and «The Cossack Mamay» presented in the Ivan Honchar Museum, as well as postcards with reproductions of «The Family of Pavlo Petrenko», «Halia Carries Water…» and «Pigeons on the Stump».

Two kinds of perfumed candles were also included in the joint drop: the first — with the scents of wild herbs, cedar, immortelle flowers, wild rose and peony, which are traditionally part of the Ukrainian wreath, and the second — with the scent of forest herbs, which «for centuries grew on Ukrainian soil», yarrow, periwinkle, malva and lovage.

«Ukrainian folk art gives us an important link to history and, at the same time, inspires us today, strengthens our spiritual strength to fight. We are sure that this collection is an example of good cooperation between business and cultural sector, which will give us faith that we will definitely win if we unite», Myroslava Vertyuk, Deputy General Director of the Museum Ivan Honchar for Intangible Cultural Heritage, comments on the cooperation.

You can buy items from the limited edition collection in the Kyiv TSUM and online.

The collection was part of TSUM’s art season this year, during which the team opened storefronts, pop-ups and released new packages inspired by the Ivan Honchar Museum collection and folk art.

TSUM’s team began a series of collections created with Ukrainian cultural institutions with a collaboration with the Ivan Honchar Museum.

«This year during the Ukrainian art season we expanded the possibilities for our guests and customers to be directly involved in the project, — Marusya Koval, marketing director of TSUM, explained. The charitable component of the collaborations is aimed at preserving the cultural heritage and reconstruction of Ukraine, and we don’t plan to stop – we are already working on the next collections».




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