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Ukrainian B-Girl Anna Ponomarenko (Stefani) became a silver medalist at the European Breaking Championship. The tournament was held in Almeria, Spain on May 6-7. In the final battle, Stefani lost to Dominika Banevich (Nicka) from Lithuania. Third place went to Sya Syssy Dembélé from France

A total of 80 B-Girls and 173 B-Boys took part in the European Championship. In addition to Ponomarenko, Ukraine was represented by seven B-Girls and 11 B-Boys. And B-Boy Andrii Kurnosov (Intact) was a member of the jury of the tournament.

On the first day, qualifying battles determined the top 16 among B-Boys and B-Girls. Four Ukrainians got to the final round of the competition: Anna Ponomarenko (Stefani), Kateryna Pavlenko (Kate), Oleksandr Gatyn-Lozynskyi (Lussy Sky) and Oleg Kuznietsov (Kuzya). Stefani, Kuzya and Kate made it to the top 8.

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Stefani managed to reach the top-4 and take part in the semifinals, where she defeated Italian Antilai Sandrini (Anti), who is third in the world ranking. The Ukrainian B-Girl is at the 20th position in the world B-Girls ranking.

Stefani’s silver medal qualified her for the European Games 2023, which will be held in Kraków, Poland, June 21-July 2. The winner of the tournament will automatically qualify for the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris.


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Допис, поширений Breaking Department AUDSF (@uabreaking)

The European Breaking Championship in Almeria was part of the Andalucia Urban competition, which also included tournaments in skateboarding, BMX and scooter.

In October 2023, the Ukrainian breakdance team performed at the World Championships in Seoul. We told you more about it in our article.

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