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Waveform: What a joint Riot Division and Koloah capsule looks like

Ukrainian Riot Division presented the Waveform capsule collection with electronic musician and friend of the brand Koloah, aka Dmytro Avksentiev. Koloah is the author of all musical accompaniment in Riot Division campaigns

The joint capsule was inspired by the clothes that the musician wears every day, namely T-shirts, long sleeve shirts and black caps.

They were complemented with a print based on the sound wave of the bass. It is used in one of the tunes that Koloah wrote for Riot Division.

The bag was «modified to suit Dima’s tasks» and it became a noteworthy item in the collection. It is designed to carry records, and the main feature is the sealed bottom, which protects the vinyl from damage.

Closed presentation of the collection was held in the Kyiv Planetarium. Koloah prepared an audiovisual show for it.

The Riot Division team says that they wanted to combine «three absolute things in one place, namely music, fashion and visual history in the cosmic sky».


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Long sleeve shirts and T-shirts from the collection can be purchased on the brand’s website.

Riot Division will start a Winter Solstice Day promotion from December 21 (3:56 p.m.) to December 22 (7:57 p.m.). Clothing will be available at a 22 percent discount during this period.

The history of the Riot Division brand began in 2010, when its founder Oleg Moroz decided to create a hoodie with a mask. «The initial goals of Riot Division were quite prosaic, namely to make a hoodie with a mask in which it would be comfortable to fight during football trips.We achieved them pretty quickly and then gained experience in production, design, looking for ourselves and our own style», the Riot Division team told DTF Magazine in an interview.

Now the brand produces collections, including sports shoes, and also expands the range of accessories. One of the main features of the brand is functional clothes-transformers.

Koloah is a project of Ukrainian musician and producer Dmytro Avksentiev, who also performs under the pseudonyms Voin Oruwu and Tropical Echobird.

He performed at festivals Brave! Factory, Strichka, Next Sound, at parties Cxema, Cxema x Boiler Room, Veselka, in ∄ on Kyrylivska street, as well as in New York, Berlin, Barcelona, Krakow and other cities. He writes soundtracks for video games, festival films and performances of the dance group Apache Crew.

Koloah launched its own label in December 2020. We told you more about it in our article.

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