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Artists who have influenced the sound of the club: Standard Deviation is preparing an albumч for the two-year anniversary of ∄

The Standard Deviation label will release a Vertex compilation album for the two-year anniversary of ∄ club (aka «Kyrylivska»). It will include eight compositions of artists «who have made a significant contribution to the sound of the club». Four of them are works of foreign musicians such as Nene H, Sedef Adasi, DJ Tool and Salome, and another four tracks are works of local musicians such as residents Nastya Vogan and Recid, as well as Gael and Omon Breaker

A vertex is a point where several lines or objects meet and intersect to create a coherent structure.

«This concept is symbolic for both ∄ and the Standard Deviation label and it brings together countercultures and creates an inclusive dialogue between local and international artists», the label team explains.

The release will complement the print edition, which will include conversations between the artists, recorded by the founder of Borshch magazine Maryana Berezovskaya. The illustrations for the zine were drawn by the Kyiv artist Fata Morgana.

Nene H talked to the resident of ∄ Nastya Vogan, co-founder of Berlin party series Mala Junta DJ Tool talked to one of the key figures of Kyiv queer scene Gael, new artist of Standard Deviation Omon Breaker talked to the resident of Herrensauna Salome, and Sedef Adasi talked to the resident of ∄ Recid especially for the edition.

Standard Deviation calls Vertex a dancefloor-friendly compilation whose sound ranges from vocal tech-house, acid house and electro to fast techno, trance and EBM.

«The wide range of musical directions in this release displays the identity of ∄. Particular collaborations, such as the vocal work of Nene H and Nik Mantilla and the composition of Omon Breaker, created with the participation of Ukrainian EBM band Garden Krist, illustrate for Standard Deviation the relatively shifting boundaries between genres and the encouragement of experimentation», the label’s team commented.

Vertex will be released on December 1, 2021.

The album is already available for pre-order on Bandcamp. The first track Catch Us by Salome can also be heard there.

What else ∄ is preparing for the two-year anniversary

The club will host a party on November 20. The lineup includes residents, friendly artists and new names such as Adriana Lopez, Ben Sims, Dixon, Gabrielle Kwarteng, Job Jobse, Muallem,Nastia, Nastya Vogan, Sally C, Serge Jazzmate B2b Pavel Pavel Plastikk, Stephanie Sykes, Voin Oruwu Live.

This party will open the new dance floor Second Floor as well.The timing can be found on the website or in the Telegram channel of ∄.

We told more about ∄ in our material

Standard Deviation released a compilation album Intermission for the first anniversary of ∄. It included tracks by eight Ukrainian musicians, including club residents Nastya Vogan and Recid and Voin Oruwu and Tofudj, experimental musician John Object, artists Katarina Gryvul and Maryana Klochko from Lviv and producer of Genetica from Zaporizhzhia.

К первой годовщине ∄ Standard Deviation выпустил альбом-компиляцию Intermission. В него вошли треки восьми украинских музыкантов, среди которых резиденты клуба Nastya Vogan и Recid, а также Voin Oruwu и Tofudj, экспериментальный музыкант John Object, артистки Katarina Gryvul и Maryana Klochko из Львова и продюсер Genetica из Запорожья.


∄ is a Kyiv club on Kyrylivska Street in Podil, which positions itself as a «safe non-binary space». We told you more about it here and here.

The club launched its own label Standard Deviation, in August 2020. Its first music project was a release by electronic producers Nene H and Poly Chain.

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