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Courtesy is launching a series of events in Berlin in support of Ukraine. First up are a party at Berghain and a lottery

The Kulør x Finest Friday party will take place at Berghain on November 11. It will be curated by the Danish DJ and founder of the Kulør label, Courtesy. There will be a fundraiser for the ∄ Community Fund during the party.

Courtesy also added two Ukrainian electronic queer artists dim + Dim Ettra to the party’s line-up and will hold a lottery to raise money for the ∄ Community Fund

This party will be the third one Kulør is throwing at Berghain. Courtesy warns that “there will be no straight up techno sets in Berghain that evening.

“As with any events I curate, it is to show artists and musicians that I find interesting. In terms of concepts, I love taking a space like Berghain and challenging people’s expectations of what is accepted in such a notorious place. The night will feature live pop, classical piano music, medieval sitar, live body painting, and dance music”, Courtesy told DTF Magazine.


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The artist adds that the party will be the first event in a series of fundraising events in support of Ukraine. In the next weeks there will be several more, for example a collaboration with the German knitwear designer Katharina Dubbick.

Courtesy also shared that, for the first party, she is preparing with dim and Dim Ettra “an improvised performance with body painting, mirrors and singing” and new music she produced. 

“I am very interested in fashion and anyone who is, will know how influential Ukrainian and Georgian aesthetics are to global fashion. dim and Dim Ettra might be upcoming in terms of audience, but I see them as extremely talented and iconic and it’s an honor to be able to present their work at my Berghain night”, Courtesy says.

Additionally, the artist is holding a lottetry where participants can win two prizes, namely her vinyl collection of 1990s trance music, as well as a private party DJset within Berlin. To participate in the lottery, you need to donate 25 euros to the ∄ Community Fund and send her a transfer confirmation on Instagram.

“It is very important for me to communicate that despite my life more or less continuing “as usual” here in Berlin, there is not a day I don’t think about the Ukranians affected by this completely unnecessary war. Because of fashion and club music there is a close link between Berlin and Kyiv and I personally know many whose lives have been ripped apart by this war” Courtesy concludes.


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Courtesy is a DJ, producer, interdisciplinary artist and one of the main representatives of the Danish electronic scene, living in two cities — Copenhagen and Berlin. She has performed in major clubs and festivals around the world. In 2018 she founded the label and multidisciplinary platform Kulør, which specializes in music and contemporary art. The label has released music by Schacke, Kasper Marott, Reece Cox, Sofie Birch and others.



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