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«Doubt is a bad quality»: What Atiba Jefferson said in Kyiv

The first DTF Conference was opened by Atiba Jefferson. He is one of the most famous street photographers in the world. He shot Tyler, The Creator, Michael Jordan, Pharrell Williams and other celebrities and campaigns for adidas, Nike, Converse (you can read more about him in our article). Atiba also presented his Heart-Shaped Box exhibition in Kyiv. DTF Magazine selected 13 of the most interesting quotes from Jefferson’s speech

1. You have to figure out what you love and do it. I chose to take pictures of what I love, so I take pictures of my idols.

2. Skateboarding has taught me creativity in everything from music to style. It comes out of the street, so it always stays relevant.

3. I knew how to photograph skaters, but I didn’t know what to do with basketball. So I just transferred my knowledge from one area to the other. Shooting basketball taught me about storytelling. It’s all about capturing emotion.

4. You have to shoot everybody, because you don’t know what they’re going to become in a while. I didn’t know what LeBron James would turn into when I filmed him.

Heart-Shaped Box exhibition in Kyiv, organized by don’t Take Fake with the support of Depositphotos and Pabst Blue Ribbon / Photo: Nastia Golovash

5. A good photographer should always have a camera. You should take pictures of your friends, your first apartment, and anything else. You have to find a second to take a picture in any situation.

6. 75% of a photographer’s work is social skills. You have to remember to build relationships with your clients.

7. A photographer is impossible without heroes for photography, so I always respect those whom I shoot.

8. My brain works like this: I look around and see a frame.

9. The gift of the photographer is to capture something forever.

Atiba Jefferson | Photo: Nastia Golovash

10. You must not regret anything and must learn from your mistakes. If you learn something, it is no longer a mistake.

11. Doubt is a bad quality. You can only doubt what you don’t love.

12. You have to remember that when you get to a certain level, the pressure starts from all sides.

13. Instagram has given a second life to photography. I used to take a lot of pictures, getting ready to cut them into squares. But you don’t have to work for social media, let them work for you. And you shouldn’t post all your photos at once to Instagram, you should save something for yourself.

«Kyiv is awesome. Thank you!», Atiba Jefferson wrote in the post.

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