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DTF Magazine and Gasoline are embarking on a series of joint broadcasts. Announcing the line-up for the first episode

DTF Magazine and Gasoline online radio will hold the first of a series of joint broadcasts on June 29. The teams united to provide another platform for the voice of Ukrainian culture and support volunteer initiatives. Maryana Klochko, NFNR, Radiant Futur, OTOY, TUCHA, Anton Slepakov and Andriy Sokolov with the «warnyakannya» project and Andriy Kostyukov will participate in the first stream. The collected funds will be given to the volunteer association «Livyi Bereh», which is engaged in the restoration of the destroyed settlements of Chernihiv region

The first broadcast will take place in the Kyiv raven backyard, near the «Kashtan» cafe at 9b Reitarska Street. During the day, there will also be a screening of Ukrainian short films in between the artists’ performances.

Who will perform


Maryana Klochko is an electronic producer, live artist and vocalist from Lviv who lives in Kyiv. She explores the connection with the «inner self», expressing it through voice, lyrics and sounds. Her music brings to mind a state where there is no space and no time. The experimental pop, fragile, insightful vocals are a detachment in a moment of immediate presence.

She was a resident of the Polish cultural program Gaude Polonia. Her track Babusia was included in the compilation album Intermission of the label Standard Deviation of the Kyiv club ∄ in 2020. And her mix, recorded especially for DTF Magazine, became Mix Of The Day on Resident Advisor. In addition to writing her own music, she collaborates with the film industry

«I read in a random review that what I write is dark electronica, hollow folk, which is not available on streaming platforms. I really liked that definition, though I’m actually working to level it out a bit now».


NFNR is the creative pseudonym of Olesya Onykienko, curator of the sociocultural and educational initiative Womens Sound, a platform «Institute of Sound» that supports women in the electronic scene. She plays ambient, industrial, experimental techno, drone and noise under the name NFNR. Olesya cooperates with music projects in Ukraine, Germany, Sweden, Japan and India.


Radiant Futur is a live project of the producer from Cherkasy Yan Yeremenko, who juggles several genres at once, ranging from electro, techno and ambient to industrial, post and progressive rock. Most of his compositions are unpublished and can only be heard in live performances. He has performed at Cxema, Struktura parties, Brave! Factory and Hamselyt, as well as in clubs Kultura Zvuku, «ARSENAL XXII» etc. None of his performances is possible without analog setup.


OTOY is a project of Ukrainian hip-hop artist Vyacheslav Drofa, which he presented in September 2020. OTOY speaks only in Ukrainian and English in the tracks, expresses his own civic and social position, as well as speaks about current events in Ukraine and the world.

After the start of the full-scale russian invasion, Vyacheslav joined the «Azov» regiment in parallel with his musical activities and also launched his own charitable foundation AGOV! which helps the defenders of Mariupol and their families together with the «Azov» Patronage Service.


TUCHA is the creative pseudonym of the Kyiv-based artist Maria Tuchka, who combines EBM and dark electro. The singer’s first mini-album, «ZLO», was released in 2019, and her second album, «Toxic», was released in 2021. Two singles, «Mesnyky» and «Vojin», in collaboration with Koloah, were recently released.


«warnyakannya» — is a joint project of musician and vocalist of bands «…I Drug Moj Gruzovik» and «Vagonovozhatye» Anton Slepakov and musician and author of the project walakos Andriy Sokolov, who released the first two tracks from the mini-album of the same name on March 22. The release consists of 10 songs that talk about the war and personal experiences related to it.

«“warnyakannya“ is our way of documenting and therapy, and it is also our way of remaining human. It’s a way not to get drowned in the black current of hatred, not to go crazy seeing what these monsters are doing to our country. And it’s the only financial opportunity to help our army and our volunteers», the musicians describe the project.

Read our interview with Anton Slepakov here.


Andriy Kostyukov — is a Kyiv-based electronic musician who combines dance music with experimental music, supplementing it with field recordings. He was a member of the Odesa label «system» and is now a member of the Kyiv formation Pep Gaffe. He also participated in the Digital Himalayas project in collaboration with Emil Asadov, a musician from Odesa.

Where you can watch and listen

Online on Gasoline and live broadcast on DTF Magazine YouTube channel.

What the «Livyi Bereh» has done and what they plan to do

1. They restored 13 roofs in the village of Yahidne, Chernihiv region.

2. They restored the roof and facade in a house near which an air bomb fell in the village of Lukashivka (Chernihiv region).

3. They restored the roofs of three houses in the village of Kolychivka, Chernihiv region.

4. They restored three roofs in the village Lukashivka. They spent 750 slate sheets — 1160 m2 of roofing.

5. In the village of Kolychivka, they restored the bombed-out brick facade and roof at the nursing home.

6. In total, in two months of work in the villages, they restored 2,280m2 of roofing.

7. In the village of Kukhari (Kyiv region) they brought and distributed to people with damaged roofs 550 slate sheets to restore the roof by their own efforts.

8. In total, in two months of work in the villages, they restored 2,280m2 of roofing.

Next in their plans are houses in the village of Kukhari (Kyiv region). «We will do the seam roof and also restore the rafter system», the team says.

What films will be shown between performances

«Deep Love»

Directed by Mykyta Lyskov

Duration of the film — 14 min

This is a story of the metamorphosis of the big city, where real art is born on the street walls, and new life is born in the old khrushchyovkas. The action takes place in Dnipro, which the author filtering through the surrealism. As long as there is music coming out of the traffic lights, there will be love even during this relentless process of decommunization.

Read more about the history of the creation of «Deep Love» and the symbols embedded there in our interview with the director.


Directed by Nіkon Romanchenko

Duration of the film — 27 min

All that Lyuba thinks about during the rumble of the confectionery production machines is communication with her son who is in the ATO zone. Constant attempts to hear his voice are added to the daily routine, but the subscriber is not available. The protagonist travels to eastern Ukraine, where she hopes to find her son alive, though she is exhausted by anxiety and has long since turned into a ghost.


Directed by Philip Sotnychenko
Duration of the film — 17 min

During the political crisis in the country, a young couple is going through divorce. The mother intends to emigrate with her child, but the child’s father refuses to give the permission.

«Kyiv Story»

Directed by Mykhailo Masloboishchykov

Duration of the film — 21 min

Bike messenger Tioma lives in a world of his own interests, has his own schedule, and is indifferent to the world around him. One night his bicycle is stolen, and yesterday a 15-year-old boy, a refugee from the East, moved into his driveway. They will have to find common ground to regain what is lost.

«State institution»

Directed by Yarema Malashchuk and Roman Himey

Duration of the film — 7 min

The workers and visitors of Kyiv City Administration going through their daily routine. Nobody can understand the issues they are trying to solve or to find the final destination of their corridor marathons.

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