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First Look: The new drop by Ukrainian brand VVHY ME

Ukrainian brand VVHY ME presented the second part of its spring-summer drop. This is a collection of basic clothing in which the brand wanted to ‘reflect its understanding of aesthetics in clothing’

About the drop

The second part of the collection consists of linen and cotton shirts in two variations: with short and long sleeves, shorts and T-shirts. The latter are decorated with a print with a quote from the novel ‘Tiger Trappers’ by Ivan Bahrianyi: ‘The Brave Are Always Be Lucky’.

In a commentary to DTF Magazine, the VVHY ME team said that they were inspired by the ‘casualness of summer’ when they created the items.

‘We didn’t have any particular idea that we wanted to embody in this drop. But we were always interested in everyday life and the different nice little things that are hidden in it’.

You can buy items from the new drop on the VVHY ME website. 5% from the sale of each item is donated to a number of charitable foundations and volunteer initiatives: Come Back Alive, Shields Ukraine, Volonterska UA and Slava Kedr.

The first part of the spring-summer drop, presented in April, includes double-breasted classic suits, cotton cargo shorts, T-shirts, caps and cropped jackets. The VVHY ME team told us that the second part was a kind of addition to the first drop, but this time the images were adapted for the hot weather.

About the brand

The VVHY ME brand was founded by Oleksandra Smirnova and Dmytro Dytiuk in Kharkiv in 2019. It specializes in creating versatile basic clothing, and the team considers classic and cotton suits and winter down jackets to be its flagships.

‘Our brand is not about how to stand out, but about how to better fit into the little everyday pleasures: the first sip of coffee in the morning, the smell of fresh pastries, the feeling of the sun on your cheek, a chance meeting with a friend, reflection in a puddle and coolness on a summer evening’.

After the full-scale invasion began, the team moved to Lviv, but continued to cooperate with the Kharkiv production.

VVHY ME items are represented in the offline store in the Kyiv TSUM, on the -1 floor.

In June, DTF Magazine published a selection of items by Ukrainian brands that you should pay attention to.

The new issue features a mix of basic clothing, clothes with prints, techwear and accessories. Some brands experiment with materials: for example, Feb uses merino wool for crop tops, Cultnaked — sustainable viscose for the top decorated with a metallic letter C — the brand’s logo. Others rely on prints: O(FourFour) places a black print on a black hoodie, Alice K

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