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«Music has become my support and therapy»: Koloah releases new album

Dmytro Avksentiev, aka Koloah, has released a new album, Serenity. According to the musician, he started working on the release before the full-scale russian offensive on February 24, and he wrote part of the tracks already during the war

Serenity includes eight tracks. All proceeds from the album sales will be sent to the account of the «IT Troops» charity foundation, which provides humanitarian aid to the inhabitants of Ukraine.

Koloah says that «music has become his support and therapy in everyday hell». The album is a reflection on the current events in Ukraine: «All we see around us is fear, anger, pain, exhaustion, broken fates, innocent victims of the war, which has become a genocide of the Ukrainian people».

Here’s how the musician explains his decision to release the album now:

«On February 24, my life turned into a nightmare, and anxiety became a major feeling — it follows us wherever we go and whatever we do.

I took my cat, two T-shirts, a sweatshirt, a laptop and left Kyiv after rockets began to fly into the city and enemy troops reached almost to the center. Will I be able to return to my hometown and will Kyiv be as I remember it? It would probably only be in my memories. After a quick packing, the journey of nearly 70 hours began, until I reached a place where I could settle down and try to find a new footing. Even here, however, the sounds of sirens and exploding rockets could be heard. No one can foresee the course of events now, it’s hard to know what will happen in a week, we’re not sure if tomorrow will come».

The covers for the release were created by the designer Dima Goreniuk.

In March, Koloah joined an open letter of representatives of the Ukrainian electronic scene to the global cultural and musical community. More than 50 electronic musicians, formations, promoters and organizers appealed to «resist russian aggression together».

Koloah is a project of Ukrainian musician and producer Dmytro Avksentiev, who also performs under the pseudonyms Voin Oruwu and Tropical Echobird.

Koloah: «You have to be a romantic to create something cool»

He performed at the festivals Brave! Factory, Strichka, Next Sound, Cxema parties, Cxema x Boiler Room, Veselka, in ∄ on Kyrylivska, as well as in New York, Berlin, Barcelona, Cracow and other cities. He writes soundtracks for video games, festival films and performances of the dance group Apache Crew.

Koloah launched his label in December 2020.

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