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RIOTDIVISION opened an updated store on Reitarska Street

RIOTDIVISION presented an updated flagship store of the brand on Reitarska Street, 9. The team spent three months working on expanding the space

RIOTDIVISION told DTF Magazine that the decision to expand was ‘long overdue’ due to the lack of space ‘for a high-quality and conceptual demonstration of the whole range’. Despite this, the brand’s team did not want to change the location on Reitarska Street.

‘We have a lot of pleasant emotions associated with this location. This opportunity came out of the blue: the previous tenants [of the neighboring space] decided to leave, so we signed a new lease. Belief in the local Zoloti Vorota (Golden Gate) community and its potential to influence the environment, changing it for the better, was also a big factor’.

Now it is possible to enter the store not only from Reitarska Street, but also from the ‘raven yard’.

When updating the store, the team focused on practicality and wanted to show that ‘the main character of the space is the clothes’. In particular, the store now has more space allocated for stands with clothes and two fitting rooms instead of one.

‘Previously, due to the lack of additional space for fitting, our customers suffered from long waits for their turn. This problem has been solved. Also, now every single item has its well-deserved place and every guest has the opportunity to learn the range without haste. This is important to us because it creates a comfortable experience for our brand friends’.

In August, RIOTDIVISION showed a new campaign featuring Ukrainian military veteran Denys Quebec. This is how the brand wanted to tell about the experience of military men who have survived serious injuries or amputations.

After the war in eastern Ukraine began in 2014, Denys Quebec volunteered for the ATO. In 2017, the soldier lost part of his palm as a shrapnel hit during a combat mission. After treatment and rehabilitation, Denys became an instructor and now trains young fighters.

We told you more about the campaign in our article.



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