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Military man Denys Quebec is the hero of RIOTDIVISION new campaign

Ukrainian brand RIOTDIVISION showed a new shoot featuring Ukrainian military veteran Denys Quebec. Along with the photo, the brand shared Denys’ personal story

After the war in eastern Ukraine began in 2014, Denys Quebec volunteered for the ATO. In 2017, the soldier lost part of his palm as a result of a shrapnel hit during a combat mission. After treatment and rehabilitation, Denys became an instructor who now trains young fighters.

‘Thousands of Ukrainian military men and women who defend our state will return home seriously traumatized. Amputated limbs, scars, poor health, etc. It’s a serious ordeal, and that’s why the experiences of those who have gone through all the stages of accepting the trauma are so important. Because no external flaws can change the heroic character of our warriors’, RIOTDIVISION wrote.

The brand added that Denys ‘kept the story to himself for a long time’ but decided to share it so that his experience could help others.

‘We appeal to all of our warriors. Remember, please, you are not alone. There are many people who support you, understand you and will be by your side. We appeal to all Ukrainians. Respect our defenders, appreciate their feat. These people paid a high price for our freedom. Let us together create a society based on mutual respect, care and support. Our strength is in unity, and we must preserve and multiply this strength’.

The photographer was Artem Plutalov.


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On the eve of the campaign, The Wall Street Journal, citing data from the Ukrainian Houp Foundation and German prosthetics manufacturer Ottobock, reported that between 20,000 and 50,000 Ukrainians have lost one or more limbs since the start of the full-scale war on February 24.

In October 2022, Indposhiv presented a campaign of a new collection of men’s clothing, the face of which became a lawyer and serviceman of the AFU Masi Nayyem. According to the team, with the collection they ‘want to show what our country and our men are going through now, and most importantly — what changes Ukrainian men’s fashion has undergone’.

After the start of a full-scale war, lawyer and veteran of combat operations in Donbas Masi Nayyem joined the ranks of the AFU. In June, he was seriously wounded, and as a result he lost one eye.

In March 2023, the hero of the new Indposhiv campaign was Illia Samoilenko, a Ukrainian military man and fighter of the Azov Regiment with the call sign ‘Gandalf’. Especially for the soldier, the brand’s team created a suit with a custom cut of the left sleeve — Samoilenko lost his arm during the fighting in eastern Ukraine in 2017.

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