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Slava Balbek starred in the new campaign by Indposhiv brand

During 2022-2023, Indposhiv presented campaigns with Ukrainian military men: Masi Nayyem and Illia ‘Gandalf’ Samoilenko. Now the new face of the brand’s fall Casual collection is architect, founder of balbek bureau and volunteer soldier Slava Balbek

About the idea of the campaign

‘For us, Slava symbolizes restoration and the future that we need to create now, — Kateryna Vozianova, the founder of Indposhiv, told us. — Even in times of war we are rebuilding and reviving, and this is another demonstration of the uniqueness of Ukrainians and the country as a whole’.

She added: ‘With the collection and the campaign we once again wanted to inspire people to do something for the country and therefore for themselves already today’.

Commenting on the campaign, Slava Balbek explained that he also leans towards the philosophy of ‘working to create the future already today’.

‘For me, all my activity is a continuous working process of working on myself and on the world around me. The duration of this process is a lifetime’.

Photo: Yakiv Zhylin

The campaign was filmed in the Ukrainian House, which ‘symbolizes transformation and new meanings’. Previously, the Lenin Museum operated in the building, and now it hosts exhibitions of Ukrainian art.

About the collection

After the outbreak of full-scale war, Indposhiv took classic clothes from different military periods as a base for Casual collections. In the fall 2022 collection they used adapted versions of the safari jackets and hunter jackets, and in the new 2023 collection they added elements of sailors’ and pilots’ uniforms: a woolen pea coat and a suede bomber jacket.

‘The war in Ukraine is not the first in history, and we were interested in researching how civilian men dressed during other wars’, Vozianova told DTF Magazine in March 2023.

Photo: Yakiv Zhylin

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The collection also includes wool blazer jackets, classic jackets and pants with elastic waistband, as well as cotton shirts and turtlenecks in two colors made of cashmere and silk.

Indposhiv is a Kyiv-based brand founded in 2009 by Kateryna Vozianova, specializing in men’s bespoke clothing, that is, they sew tailored suits, jackets, pants and shirts.

In October 2022, lawyer and serviceman of the AFU Masi Nayyem starred for the Indposhiv Casual line, and in March 2023, Illia Samoilenko, a military man and fighter of the Azov Regiment with the call sign ‘Gandalf’, became the hero of the Indposhiv Bespoke campaign.

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