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Sneaker Art: How an artist brings sneakers into Wes Anderson’s worlds

Italian Ilaria Colombo creates illustrations of sneakers in the style of Wes Anderson films. She chooses a particular frame and recreates its color palette on specific models. DTF Magazine asked Colombo about this project and shows her work

Ilaria is 23 years old and she is studying fashion design in Milan at the Universita Politecnico di Milano, where she began her interest in sneakers and discovered Wes Anderson films a few years ago.

She says she has always liked mixing streetwear with more elegant clothes and high fashion: «One day I was painting Air Jordan 1 and I wanted to give them a fresh look. I’ve always loved the palette of colors in Wes Anderson’s films. It makes his paintings unique works of art. So I found stills from the films and took basic colors from them».

Nike Air Monarch x Moonrise Kingdom
AirMax Light 2 x The Grand Budapest Hotel
Nike Air Max 95 x Moonrise Kingdom
Nike Air Max Plus TN х Fantastic Mr. Fox

She has a folder of pictures from Wes’ movies, from which she chooses a frame with her favorite colors. Then she looks for sneakers that match those colors and draws them in Illustrator on a graphics tablet.

Air Jordan х The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou
Nike Cortez х The Darjeeling Limited

«I choose the models that I like the most and that I would wear myself, Ilaria says. — And when I choose a palette, I always ask myself: “Would I wear these?” I think it’s important not to make anything too extravagant or “unwearable”»

Nike Air Max 97 х The Grand Budapest Hotel
Nike M2K Tekno х The Royal Tenenbaums
Nike M2K Tekno х The Royal Tenenbaums

«I will continue to develop this idea and explore more models and colors. I definitely plan to paint more Air Jordans, even though Model 1 is my absolute favorite. Wes Anderson uses beautiful colors, and the combinations are countless».

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