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The MOT exhibition can now be seen through a 3D tour

The cultural space «Module of Temporality» now has a virtual version, which you can «visit» through a 3D tour. It was created by Sensorama, a studio specializing in immersive technologies and 3D modeling.

The developers reproduced the interior of MOT and all the canvases, sculptures, installations and video works placed in the physical space. Visitors can choose the appearance of their avatar or even put their own face via their phone or laptop camera. It is also possible to communicate with other avatars in chat or by voice, and to express your emotions about the works you see

A 3D tour of MOT and detailed instructions on how to use it are available on the project’s website. There is also an option to pay for a virtual ticket — its cost will go to the general fund of the space, which aims to restore cultural institutions affected by russian aggression.

The tour can be visited from a computer or mobile devices using the Spatial app.


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The virtual project was created in parallel with the construction of the space in Kyiv and the creation of the MOT exhibition. The project was implemented with the support of the largest European cryptocurrency exchange with Ukrainian roots WhiteBIT.

What is MOT?

«Module of Temporality» is a new temporary cultural space in Kyiv by the don’t Take Fake team. In a two-storey structure made of 27 modular containers, an exhibition with the participation of 25 artists from 10 countries and a series of special events will take place over the course of three months.

In this way, the team wants to demonstrate that large-scale cultural projects are possible in Ukraine even in times of war, and to raise funds for the restoration of cultural institutions affected by russian aggression. DTF Magazine presents a series of publications that will tell the history of the project and introduce its participants.

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