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Vododil: Kyiv brand O(FourFour) has released a collection dedicated to Ukrainian bodies of water

Kyiv brand O(FourFour) presented a new spring-summer clothing collection VODODIL’22. Its theme is the water area of Ukraine, and the name of each new item refers to the name of a particular body of water

A vododil (watershed) is a depression in the ground surrounded by high soil. All water flowing into it, including precipitation and melting snow, mixes together. In addition, a vododil is also a conditional line separating the basins of neighboring bodies of water.

The new O(FourFour) collection features seven new bodysuits such as Buh, Inhul, Dnipro, Oril, Tysa, Vorskla, Prut and Synevyr.

Each of them is also decorated with prints, which, according to the brand, «combine underground water, rain, snow, ice, wet sand and river silt from all the sources of the Ukrainian rivers», and such colors of the collection as sandy, dark blue, licorice, blue and khaki «clearly associate with the variety of what can be found on the Ukrainian coast in early spring».

VODODIL’22 also includes several versions of one-piece swimsuits, two sets of two-piece swimsuits called «Langeron», as well as oversized T-shirts and longsleeves. The brand’s new models include a sport swimsuit.

All bodysuits and swimwear are made of the traditional for O(FourFour) Econyl material made on the basis of recycled oceanic plastic. Organic cotton and micro lacoste fabric were used to make T-shirts and longsleeves.

You can buy items from the VODODIL’22 collection on the O(FourFour) website

O(FourFour) is a Kyiv-based brand founded in 2019. At first it made women’s clothing for water sports, and the main item of the brand was bodysuits made of compression fabric. Now the brand also makes women’s, men’s and unisex clothing, including t-shirts, hoodies and longsleeves.

The team uses functional materials to make all items and tries to find sustainable options for production. For example, they use Econyl fabric made on the basis of recycled oceanic plastic to create swimwear, bodysuits, and leggings. Instead of neoprene, O(FourFour) uses the American material Yulex, from which Patagonia, an outdoor brand, makes items.

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