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Ageless: Syndicate has released a new fall drop

Syndicate presented an Ageless collection, the main idea of which is transcending the boundary between generations and ‘redefining the very concept of age’. You can already buy the items on the brand’s website

Syndicate said that when they crafted the collection, they found their muse in the fashion of Eastern Europe from the 1980s and in ‘the cultural resurgence embraced by today’s youth’. So the team wanted to reflect the items that influenced contemporary style ‘deeper than we ever imagined’.

The collection consists of over 20 items, combining classic ‘parents style’ silhouettes with a modern generation oversize cut.

It included classic straight cut pants with outside pockets, coat, zip hoodies and sweatshirts, wide-leg jeans, ‘double’ shirts and T-shirts with prints of ‘favorite postcards from messengers’. Among the accessories are knitted hats.


Part of the new drop includes vests created from second-hand materials using the upcycling technique.

‘I was born and lived most of my life in Kyiv. This city has a history and at the same time pure youth lives in this city, — Ira Vasylevska, Syndicate’s creative director, told us. — My inspiration for the collection was my father, who at the same time did not think and thought about his style when he went out ‘in public’. He always looks very neat, wears shirts and classic pants, but comfort comes first for him. His sense of style is at the heart of the collection’.

In July, Syndicate released a joint drop with Lviv artist Oles Derega. It includes oversize T-shirts and shirts with the artist’s author’s prints.

For the collaboration, Derega decided to ‘rethink the aesthetics of cataloging of historical and cultural objects’, but replaced these objects with consumer items. Thus, on T-shirts and shirts, they decided to depict a grasshopper toy or a pleskanets, a pottery item, as well as compositions of utensils and household objects.

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