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First Look: Collaboration of Kyiv designer Danya Shulipa and Bottom Line brand

Kyiv designer Danya Shulipa and Ukrainian brand Bottom Line presented a joint clothing collection Lucky. It includes basic T-shirts and hoodies with prints by Shulipa

The black clothes were complemented with 3D prints in the form of soft dice with sixes on all sides, as well as the inscriptions I ain’t lucky — I just play my own game and Keep playin’ as hard as you can and make any combination your best combination.

The prototype of the print was one of the designer’s tattoos.

«It’s about perceiving the world and understanding that life is also a game and the point of it is to learn how to use any combination to your advantage», Danya told DTF Magazine and added that he sees tattoos as «part of his own branding».

Back in March 2022, Shulipa created the first sketches for his own archive, and in August he began working on a collaboration with Bottom Line. The prints on the hoodies are embroidered with tufted felt, and the prints on the T-shirts are printed and embroidered.

The collaboration campaign was shot by Ukrainian videographer Andrey Shestakov. The video was shot with a 360 panoramic camera.

«We wanted to make a video in the style of a classic American movie», Danya added.


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You can buy clothes from the Lucky collection on the Bottom Line website.


In August 2022, Danya Shulipa presented the concept of Nike Air Force 1 sneakers, dedicated to the world’s largest aircraft — the Ukrainian An-225 «Mriya».

It was destroyed in an air attack by the russian military on an airfield in the city of Hostomel, Kyiv region, on February 27.


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Development — Mixis