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First Look: New drop by Ukrainian skate brand Low Blow

Kharkiv skate brand Low Blow presented a new spring-summer collection, dedicated to the ‘vibes of carefree youth’. You can already buy items on the brand’s website 

The drop consists of six items that reflect an ‘easy-going approach’ to clothing.

Oversize T-shirts and hoodies were released in black and white colors. The basic items were decorated with prints, including a neon image of a girl in a glass and a children’s photo of the brand’s founder Ruben Ahanesiants, complete with the inscription Don’t be always sad.

The collection also features wide fit brown pants and black cargo pants with full length patch pockets and an adjustable waistband.

The final item in the collection is a knitted striped vest with zipper in pastel colors: black, green, beige and brown.

The Low Blow team revealed that the vest has become their favorite item and they call it ‘a must-have for a night out at the bar or a quick smoke break on the balcony’.

 In June, Low Blow presented a charity drop created in collaboration with fundraising platform Clothes for Progress and Skatepark NOORD. It’s a joint limited edition Same Sun clothing collection; read more about it in our article.

Low Blow is a skate brand from Kharkiv, founded in 2017. In 2019, it won DTF Magazine’s local brands competition.

‘The history of the brand began when we had difficulties with the choice of clothes in Ukraine: on the shelves of stores you could only find dark clothes with prints in the form of primitive inscriptions. We realized that we had to change something, and three weeks later our first collection appeared. The presentation took place at That’s Wassup festival, where we announced ourselves as a Ukrainian skate brand. Each of our collections is limited edition’.

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