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Low Blow presented a charity drop. It’s a collaboration with Clothes for Progress and Amsterdam’s Skatepark NOORD

Kharkiv brand Low Blow announced a new initiative, created in collaboration with fundraising platform Clothes for Progress and Skatepark NOORD. It is a joint limited collection of clothes called Same Sun, which you can buy on the charity market on June 24th

About the collection

The limited-edition Same Sun consists of about 40 items: a series of jackets, pants, polo shirts and shirts with prints.

In a commentary to DTF Magazine, Ruben Ahanesiants, founder of the brand, said that the team used deadstock clothing from previous collections to create the items.

‘It’s kind of like upcycling, we put our prints on and thus give a second life to items’.

All the items were decorated with prints depicting the sun. The idea and graphics were developed by the Clothes for Progress team, and the images on the items were printed in Ukraine — at the WALLS.PRESS print studio.

‘The sun symbolizes unity and responsibility as we are united under the same sun. The Same Sun collection invites us to come together to raise funds for a brighter future’, the description reads.

More than 20 people from Clothes for Progress and Skatepark NOORD took part in the lookbook shoot.


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About the presentation

The presentation of the joint drop will take place at Skatepark NOORD on June 24, beginning — at 16:00. Items will be exhibited in a pop-up format, accompanied by a skate video shot in Kyiv and Amsterdam.

The cost of items from the Same Sun collection is 35 EUR each. After the presentation you can buy the remaining items online via the website.

All proceeds from admission tickets and collection sales will be distributed between two funds selected separately by the Low Blow and Clothes for Progress teams.

Low Blow will donate half of the funds to The Blue Eyed Project, a Ukrainian organization that supports children from de-occupied and front-line towns and villages in Ukraine. Clothes for Progress will donate the other half to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

Low Blow is a skate brand from Kharkiv, founded in 2017. In 2019, it won the DTF Magazine local brand competition.

The history of the brand began when we had difficulties with the choice of clothing in Ukraine: you could only find dark clothes with prints in the form of primitive lettering on store shelves. We realized that we had to change something, and three weeks later our first collection appeared. The presentation took place at That’s Wassup, where we announced ourselves as a Ukrainian skate brand. Each of our collections comes in limited editions’.

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Development — Mixis