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OTOY released the single ‘Sudomy’

‘Sudomy’ is the second standalone single that OTOY presented in September. The day before, the rapper released the track ‘Kyshenia z otvorom’ — both works are accompanied by music videos

‘‘Sudomy’ is the story of a system. The system that keeps you in shackles, not allowing you to make a single movement without permission’, OTOY describes the idea behind the new single.

The music for the release was composed by The Lazy Jesus, and the video for ‘Sudomy’ was directed by Mykhailo Hryniuk.

Presentation of new album by OTOY will take place on December 2nd in Kyiv at a solo concert in Atlas club. Details and tickets will be released soon.

On May 25, OTOY released his first LP titled ‘Nedovhotryvali vidnosyny’.

The album consists of nine tracks, three of which were recorded with Ukrainian artists The Curly (‘Zharptytsia’), elarm (‘Yak pahne trava’) and Tery (‘Byka za roha’). Eight tracks from the album were arranged by musician The Lazy Jesus.

‘When the darkest winter of my life began, I clearly realized: I wanted to create something that would be radically opposite in mood and sound to the events around me. This album symbolizes a light, frank and sensitive refuge from all the monolithic and depressive things that can surround us today’, the rapper explained in a commentary for DTF Magazine.

The live presentation of the release took place at OTOY’s first solo concert on June 30.

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