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OTOY has released his debut single. Let’s listen to it

Ukrainian rapper Vyacheslav Drofa, aka OTOY, presented his first studio album «Nedovhotryvali vidnosyny» (Short-lived Relationship). The live presentation of the album will take place at the artist’s solo concert in Kyiv on June 30

The album «Nedovhotryvali vidnosyny» (Short-lived Relationship) consists of nine tracks, three of which were recorded with Ukrainian artists The Curly («Zharptytsia»), elarm («Yak pahne trava») and Tery («Byka za roha»). Eight tracks of the album were arranged by the musician The Lazy Jesus.


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OTOY said the album is «the warmest story written in dark times».

«When the darkest winter of my life started, I clearly understood: I wanted to create something that would be radically opposite in mood and sound to what’s going on around us, — the rapper told DTF Magazine in a commentary. — This album symbolizes a light, frank and sensitive refuge from all the monolithic and depressive things that may be around us today».

According to OTOY, he wanted to make the musical part of the release «in a state of tranquility, which is expressed through the sound of this release». In the near future, the artist plans to shoot and release a music video for the single «Shukaly vchora», which he calls «the main track of the album».

OTOY added: «Don’t forget, we create thanks to our warriors. Donate to Azov One».

OTOY is a project of Ukrainian hip-hop artist Vyacheslav Drofa, which he presented in September 2020. In the tracks OTOY raps only in Ukrainian and English, expresses his civil and social position, as well as tells about current events in Ukraine and the world.

Ukrainian hip-hop artist OTOY released the single FIND MY COUNTRY and a lyric video to it. He dedicated the work to his brother Dmytro Lysen and the soldiers of the «Azov» regiment, who are stationed at the «Azovstal» plant in besieged Mariupol. In June, Vyacheslav presented another work — a track and video DEPRESSIVE.

OTOY’s EP «OKOLOFRONT» was released in July. It consists of four tracks written by the artist after the start of the full-scale war, and we told you more about the release in our article.

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