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Riot Division released a charity collaboration. It includes accessories with cyber protection

The Riot Division brand and the Ukrainian cybersecurity company CyberUnitTech presented a joint charity collection Cyber Warfare Legion. All proceeds from the sale will be transferred to the presidential fundraising platform UNITED24 for the purchase of generators for hospitals

The Riot Division team said that Cyber Warfare Legion is the brand’s first collection «created to the sound of generators». Its goal is «to unite two industries, design and technology», and the name refers to «an informal association of thousands of cyber specialists who from the first minutes of the full-scale war stood in defense of the freedom and independence of Ukraine».

The collection includes cotton T-shirts, hoodies with perforated underarm panels and prints on the back created by artist Oleg Semak.

The accent in Cyber Warfare Legion was on accessories with cyber protection: laptop messenger bags and phone wallets are made from Faraday fabric, which blocks 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi signals.

«Every day, the enemy silently strikes Ukrainian critical infrastructure and other objects that ensure the functioning of cities and the country as a whole… Thank you to all cyber warriors for your work, for your protection. You’ve been in the shadows for most of your life, unable to tell your hidden victories even to those close to you, but we know you are», the Riot Division team commented on the collection’s release.

The brand team added that this is their first collection «created to the sound of generators».

«It’s incredibly difficult to work in twilight, looking for the right hoodie pocket trim. But, at the same time, it makes you realize what titanic work is done by our doctors, rescuers, who do much more difficult work in the dark, — Platon Osadchiy, Riot Division brand strategist told. — We hope that these clothes will give people more light. Literally and figuratively».

You can buy items from the Cyber Warfare Legion collection in the Riot Division concept store on Reitarska, 9 and on the brand’s website with worldwide delivery.

The history of the Riot Division brand began in 2010, when its founder Oleg Moroz decided to create a hoodie with a mask.

«Riot Division’s initial goals were quite prosaic — to make a hoodie with a mask that would be handy for fighting while attending football games. We achieved them pretty quickly and then gained experience in production, design, looking for ourselves and our own style», the Riot Division team told DTF Magazine in an interview.

The main feature of the brand is functional clothes-transformers.

In May, the Riot Division team announced that it was changing the format of the release of items: now the brand releases «prompt drops» instead of the classic seasonal collections.

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