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Ukrainian brand ALCHEVSQUE has released a new drop. Inside are skateboards and clothes

ALCHEVSQUE brand presented the DROP 6 collection. They call it ‘an ode to the modern city where urbanism, graffiti, road works and skateboarding are intertwined’, and part of the drop is a collaboration with Ukrainian skate brand Sens Skateboarding

DROP 6 also consists of oversize T-shirts in four designs, nylon caps and Dri-Fit socks in white and black.

About skateboards

The decks from the ALCHEVSQUE and Sens Skateboarding collaboration are called Functional Fiction. The decks are equipped with eight holes, which make the construction lighter, but do not affect the board’s strength.

‘Holes are one of the forms we work with. So to speak, it is a grid/base in which we look for different aesthetic and functional manifestations. This form is inspired from brick, where the perforations reduce the weight of the object. We just implement it in different things and observe how it can change the perception of form or content’, Anton Ivanov, founder of ALCHEVSQUE, explained the idea.

He added that the design was inspired by the working principle of Swiss architect Max Bill: he always worked with a single system of parameters to create graphic works.

‘The idea behind the project was to shake up skateboarding a little bit and add art. To move into fiction without losing function along the way’.

The decks are available on the ALCHEVSQUE website in two colors: red and white and white, and in three sizes: 8.1, 8.25 и 8.5.

About clothes

Two T-shirt models, Functional Fiction Spray and A123 Tag are dedicated to graffiti culture. To announce the items ALCHEVSQUE created a campaign with the participation of Ukrainian graffiti artist Killyourshow.


Under Construction T-shirts were adorned with a variation of the brand’s box logo, which refers to the barriers and mounting tapes ‘that are found in all modern cities’.

‘The red and white checkered pattern or just lines are a graphic design that was made to be as visible as possible in any environment and conditions. In my opinion, this is the ideal functionality for a brand logo. That’s why we use this graphic’, Anton Ivanov explained.

Another T-shirt model was released as part of the Sens Skateboarding collaboration: it was complemented with a print on the back and a double logo on the chest.

The character for the print was created by Anton Ivanov and drawn by graffiti artist and illustrator Sima Shpin. Here’s how Anton explained the idea:

‘The character in a certain sense symbolizes childhood in the Donetsk region, a kind of factory kid. There is smoke coming out of its chimneys — for many people from the East, red and white chimneys are a very strong symbol and evoke nostalgia’.

About accessories

The basic socks made using Dri-Fit moisture wicking technology are complemented with the classic ALCHEVSQUE logo.

Anton explained: ‘The А->123 logo design can also be seen on any street in a modern city. Usually, utility workers mark the coordinates of fire hydrant locations on walls with this kind of tagging. Using this kind of tagging, we mimic technical graphics and integrate into the context of the city. I think we can call it metagraffiti’.

The caps are made of five panels and nylon. The front is decorated with a ‘checkerboard’ red and white ALCHEVSQUE logo, while the inside is decorated with a text logo.

You can buy all the items from the new collection on the ALCHEVSQUE website.

The ALCHEVSQUE brand was launched by Anton Ivanov, co-founder of the CREVV design agency, Yehor Lytvynenko, frontman of ‘Deti Deputatov’ band, and Tanya Liuta, head of the product department at Big Money University.

Anton Ivanov came up with the idea of launching ALCHEVSQUE a long time ago, and he created the first sketches for the prints back in 2018. The name of the brand refers to the name of the city in which the designer grew up: ‘a city that is located inside three large factories and is saturated with hard work’.

‘Alchevsk has shaped my visual taste, attitude to work and deep respect for ordinary people, the working class. ALCHEVQUE brand is a kind of compilation of visual aesthetics close to me. The main brand tags are technical aesthetics, work uniforms and folk design’.

ALCHEVSQUE presented its first drop in April 2022.

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